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Learning About Dishwashers

Hello, my name is Brandy Khane. I created this site to talk about dishwashers of all kinds. Growing up, we only had a single sink to do the dishes in. All of the kids took turn scrubbing, drying and putting away the dishes after every meal. If we skipped a washing session, the dishes piled up out of control. Today, I use a dishwasher to complete most of the washing session for me. I can clean other areas of the house while the dishwasher works hard for me. I would like to share all of the features and functions found on modern dishwashing appliances. I will also talk about installation techniques on this site.


4 Appliances For Your Corner Café That Will Attract A Health Conscious Clientele

If you have a small, corner café and want to attract health conscious clientele, then you need to offer menu items that will get them in the door. It's not going to suffice to purchase a bunch of pre-made vegetarian meals and offer bottled juices. What you will want to do is offer fresh, healthy food. In order to do this you need to have the correct appliances. Here are 4 appliances and a description of the type of healthy food you can make with them.

Ice Cream Maker

With an ice cream maker you can make fresh ice cream (with only eggs, cream, organic sugar, and a flavoring such as vanilla bean) and you can also make sorbet. Don't assume that just because someone is health conscious that they hate ice cream. However, they would prefer that it be made with healthy ingredients. So, you can promote your ice creams as having no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or thickeners.

If you want to go the extra-mile, you can only use cage-free eggs and organic cream from cows not fed BGH. You might also want to make your fruit sorbets with organic fruit.

Masticating Juicing Machine

Many cafes offer orange juice, but you should go a few steps further and offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Instead of offering juice from the carton, make sure the customers know that it is fresh.

In addition to making this known on the menu, you might also want to have the juicer on display on the counter. This is why you should choose a masticating juicer. These are not as loud as centrifugal juicers. They are also better equipped at juicing apples, carrots, and even greens such as spinach. A citrus juicer can only handle lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, however you might want a dedicated citrus juicer for your orange juicer. It's faster to juice oranges with a standard citrus press. A masticating juicer will require you to peel the skin before you place it in the juicer.

Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is a great appliance to help with your breakfast service. You can make dried cherries, coconut, banana chips, mango slices, and lots of other fruit. This dried fruit is a great topping to use on oatmeal, granola, or Greek yogurt.

Beyond breakfast service, you can use the food dehydrator to make dried tomatoes for pastas and salads for lunch and dinner. You can also make kale chips and offer these as an alternative to fatty French fries.

Coffee Mill

You should have the ability to grind your own coffee. You can offer freshly ground, organic coffee beans. Then grind them to order when someone orders a cup of coffee. While you can get an attachment for the masticating juicer, it's best to keep the coffee beans separate because you don't want to beans to pick up any flavor from the juicing machine. Contact a business, such as Taylor Freezer Sales Of Arizona, for more information.