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Learning About Dishwashers

Hello, my name is Brandy Khane. I created this site to talk about dishwashers of all kinds. Growing up, we only had a single sink to do the dishes in. All of the kids took turn scrubbing, drying and putting away the dishes after every meal. If we skipped a washing session, the dishes piled up out of control. Today, I use a dishwasher to complete most of the washing session for me. I can clean other areas of the house while the dishwasher works hard for me. I would like to share all of the features and functions found on modern dishwashing appliances. I will also talk about installation techniques on this site.


Three Things The Hottest Selling Blenders Have In Common And Why They Matter To Customers

When you work as an appliance sales associate, you need to know a thing or two about all of the products you sell. For example, if a customer wants to know the differences between a Blendtec vs a Vitamix blender, can you tell them something more than price and blending speeds? To help you out, the following is a list of the three things that the hottest selling blenders have in common.

Blenders That Deliver Professional Grade Results with Budget-Friendly Prices

If a customer were to actually buy a professional, kitchen-level blender, he or she would probably pay about a month's salary for it. The most popular blenders on the market right now deliver professional grade results at a significantly reduced price, when compared to actual, professional blenders. A home cook that blends everything from protein shakes to soup bases to lattes is looking for something that can really make a difference in the dishes and drinks he or she makes, but he/she is probably not willing to spend a fortune on a master chef's tool. Because they are more affordable that makes these particular appliances more favorable.

All Models Have Dishwasher-Safe Components to Save Time

Certain parts of a blender, namely the blades, are incredibly dangerous to wash by hand. Less popular blenders still require that most of the parts be handwashed only. Your customers and home cooks want safety and convenience. Being able to use a small appliance like a blender and then place the container, the gasket, the locking base and the blades into the dishwasher and let it go, speaks to the modern conveniences and to the customers. Most of the most popular blenders are dishwasher-safe (except for the motors, which are never water-submersible), a fact that sells many products to home cooks who operate on tight time tables.

All Models Double As Juicers

Electric juicers are another small appliance that are extremely popular right now. Rather than buy two machines to accomplish different tasks, customers can purchase one high-quality, mid- to high-end blender to do everything that multiple lesser machines would do. They can juice all the whole fruits and vegetables they want to make healthy fruit and veggie drinks with no sugars or preservatives that are typically found in the store-bought juices. Additionally, buying just a blender saves on countertop space, a factor that is probably very important to customers who live in tiny apartments or houses with limited counter space.