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Learning About Dishwashers

Hello, my name is Brandy Khane. I created this site to talk about dishwashers of all kinds. Growing up, we only had a single sink to do the dishes in. All of the kids took turn scrubbing, drying and putting away the dishes after every meal. If we skipped a washing session, the dishes piled up out of control. Today, I use a dishwasher to complete most of the washing session for me. I can clean other areas of the house while the dishwasher works hard for me. I would like to share all of the features and functions found on modern dishwashing appliances. I will also talk about installation techniques on this site.


How to Repair the Auto-Dry on an LG Washer-Dryer Combination Unit

The LG washer-dryer combo units tend to have problems with the auto-dry cycle. After the wash cycle is completed, the auto-dry timer will spin down quickly before your clothes get dried. This happens when the dryer duct or blower in the back of the unit gets plugged with debris. Here is how you can clean the dryer duct and blower so the auto-dry cycle works again.


  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Ratchet Set
  • Replacement Gasket
  • Stiff Wire
  • Small Putty Knife

Drain the Unit

You first need to drain the unit of any residual water. You access the valve for the drain by removing the little cover on the bottom right-hand front of the unit.

Use a flathead screwdriver to slip into the slot at the top of the cover to open it up. Connect a hose to the valve. Make sure you have the hose going into a bucket or drain before you open the drain valve.

Open the drain valve and let the water run out. Close the valve after the water has drained out, remove the hose, and replace the cover.

Cleaning Dryer Duct

You have to remove the back panel on the unit to access the dryer duct. Remove the screws on the back panel. Lift up on the panel and pull it out from the bottom.

The dryer duct is located on the right hand side of the machine (when looking at it from the back). There are several hex-headed (six-sided) screws you have to remove. Remove the screws.

Take the duct out and remove all the debris. Some of the debris might be hardened. In this case, use a small putty knife or your flathead screwdriver to break up the debris.

There is a gasket on the dryer duct. If you damage the gasket while taking the duct off, make sure to get a new one before you put the duct back on the dryer.

Cleaning Dryer Blower

You also have to remove the top of the machine. There are two screws along the top on both sides of the unit. Remove the screws and then push the unit top backwards – the top should slide right off.

There is a panel under the top that also needs to be removed. Remove the screws and lift the panel up.

The dryer blower and heating element needs to be taken out. These two parts can be removed as one unit. Remove the screws holding the heater and blower, and disconnect the wires attached to them.

Clean out the blower with a stiff wire (a coat wire hanger works well) to loosen the debris until it falls out of the blower.

Replace all the parts in the reverse order in which you took them out. For assistance with repairs, visit a professional like